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Access and Resource Services

Preservation Department

Order Services

Organization and staffing

The mission of Order Services is to provide exceptional support services for all collection development activities through prudent stewardship of the materials budget and strong working relations with our customers, colleagues and business partners.

Order Services assists Library Selectors with placing orders for print and media purchases for the collections. We order and receive materials for all areas of the physical collections except purchases for the Business Library and non-Roman language materials ordered by Area Studies Selectors. We work with Collection Management, Interlibrary Loan, Reserves, Preservation, and many other areas of the library to fulfill and receive orders for new and out of print publications. 
We manage rush, standing orders, media purchasing, monographic series, approval plans, and firm orders from vendors around the world. 
We collaborate with Accounting on fiscal rollovers, invoicing issues, vendor account setup, and many other transactions impacting book funds. 


What We Do

Specific responsibilities 

        1. Order print monographs, audio & visual media, & microforms
        2. Receive approvals, firm and standing orders
        3. Create POs for Invoices
        4. Standing order maintenance (monograph series)
        5. Manage Approval plans
        6. Rush order processing
        7. E-book acquisitions
        8. Demand-driven acquisitions for e-books (monographs)
        9. Order replacement copies
        10. Maintain monthly statistical reporting
        11. Monitor orders in Review status to resolve order data issues

Quick Cataloging

        1. Find acceptable copy on receipt, expedite to Marking
        2. Create holdings for standing order receiving records
        3. Coordinate e-book cataloging/activation with invoices received


        1. Record and monitor credit card transactions
        2. Report invoices in review holding up status of purchase orders received
        3. Fiscal Year cutover & ordering deadlines
        4. Monitor DDA & e-book invoices from vendors

User Services:

        1. Maintain Shelf Ready Review shelves
        2. Provide Order Services orientation programs for selectors
        3. Attend Collection Management meetings
        4. Communicate with selectors via ordering listserv and Ask-Acquisitions
        5. Support selectors with order status information, vendor setup, new standing order    requests, etc.
        6. Serve on Cabinet appointed Acquisitions Committee (Oxford, Law, Woodruff, Rose members)

Systems Used

    - Local processing system : ALMA
    - ALMA Analytics to create reports
    - Vendor online ordering systems: GOBI, Otto Editions, AmaLivre
    - Bibliographic utilities - OCLC
    - Chase Online Statement Services for P-Card Purchasing transactions
    - Intereact with Finance to determine Compass payment status for ALMA paid orders


    - 21 approval plans
    - Troubleshoot and maintain API ordering and electronic invoicing setups with vendors

Electronic functions

    - API real-time orders and ALMA PO Line Number exchange with Gobi Solutions & Harrassowitz 
    - FTP of shelf-ready bibliographic files from vendors
    - Import & Overlay shelf-ready cataloging for firm orders; import full cataloging for GOBI approvals
    - Online purchasing at commercial Web sites for media

Credit card (PCARD) Purchasing

-Track credit card purchases using ALMA reporting code; run monthly report used to reconcile Compass accounts
-Reconcile charges using CHASE VISA accounts to cover Amazon, Paypal and other vendors who only accept credit card  payment