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Peer Review Committee (PRC)

The Handbook

The Handbook Governing the Librarian Series for Emory University Libraries, colloquially referred to as the Handbook, is designed to assist individuals involved in the peer review process for faculty-equivalent librarian positions in select libraries and divisions at Emory University. Individuals in these positions have a progressive series of ranks—Assistant Librarian, Associate Librarian, and Librarian—as well as potential recognition as a Librarian with Distinction.

The Handbook provides instructions, guidelines, policies, and procedures regarding appointment renewal, promotion-in-rank, and special recognition affecting appointees in the Librarian Series at Emory University.

Review Forms

Forms related to the annual review process can be found on the Emory Libraries HR site (e.g. the LAAA).

The additional forms required for review packet assembly are available on the Emory Libraries HR site (e.g. LAAA Addendum, SOPA, Manager Recommendation). Associated guidelines and best practices documents are also available on the HR site.

Example CVs and SOPAs

Advice for writing your CV and SOPA, as well as example documents can be found on the HR site.