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Peer Review Committee (PRC)

Review Packet Assembly

Review packets are assembled through the collaboration of the librarian up for review, their direct supervisor, and EUL HR. The calendar below provides a detailed summary of the process, highlighting important dates and the responsible parties. In 2021, Emory Libraries is implementing Facet to manage review packet assembly and distribution, and some of the steps below may change as the process is developed to work for librarians. The word ‘packet’ refers to all of the assembled materials for the librarian under review.

Each year the review calendar is modified slightly from the outline in the Handbook to accommodate weekends and holidays, but the general timing and process remains the same from year to year. Appointment renewal and promotion-in-rank reviews are conducted annually by the PRC.

2021 Calendar for Renewal and Promotion


Date Librarian Managers EUL HR
Early to Mid - April    

EUL HR will send out an invitation for the Librarian Renewal and Promotion Process (invitation is for librarian going up for renewal/promotion and their manager)

By April 19

Librarian updates CV* and PRS and meets with direct supervisor to discuss reappointment and/or promotion-in-rank.
*update as Word doc, to enter in Facet later

The direct supervisor has met with the librarian to discuss renewal or promotion-in-rank, as applicable.

By May 3

Librarian notifies EUL HR if seeking renewal or promotion-in-rank; Librarian will cc manager as an informational item.  If seeking promotion-in-rank, Librarian submits names of references to EUL HR.

By May 7

Librarian logs into Facet and begins entering Activities information from the current year. Librarian can also begin entering CV information into appropriate section of Facet.

By May 10    

EUL HR sends requests for reference letters to the referees IF a promotion is requested.

Week of
May 17

EUL HR will facilitate an ‘info session’ for Librarian Renewal and Promotion Process for librarians going up for renewal and/or promotion and their managers.

By June 1

Librarian drafts SOPA (& LAAA addendum-if necessary) and sends to manager as an informational item. 

By June 14    

Deadline for receipt of reference letters for those seeking promotion-in-rank.

By June 25

Deadline for librarian to enter current year Activities information into Facet for annual performance evaluation.

By July 2  

Manager drafts recommendation and sends to librarian as an informational item.

By July 15  

Manager uploads recommendation letter into appropriate section of Facet.

By August 1

Deadline for entering Activities and CV information into appropriate fields/sections in Facet.  EUL HR will upload performance ratings for the current renewal/promotion period into appropriate section of Facet.

By August 31

Librarian and manager meet to discuss and finalize packet.

The librarian and manager have met to discuss and finalize the packet.

By Sept 13  

SOPA, Activities information from LAAAs and manager’s recommendation are submitted to next level manager.

By Sept 20

Packet for appointment renewal/promotion-in-rank is completed with all signatures and submitted to EUL HR, including next level manager’s recommendation, if applicable. 

Next level managers have completed their portion of the Manager Recommendation Form, uploaded the completed form, and notified the librarian and the direct supervisor.

After receiving notification of packet completion, EUL HR will collate packet with reference letters in cases of requests for promotion-in-rank.

By or before Oct 1    

EUL HR will compile packet consisting of all relevant performance ratings, PRSs, updated CV, SOPA, current year and previous years Activities from LAAA, manager’s recommendation and reference letters, if required, into a location for viewing by PRC only; and will notify PRC chair.

Nov 1

PRC only: All PRC panels have completed their recommendations and forwarded them to HR.
By Nov 8     EUL HR compiles completed packets and recommendations and forwards them to the appropriate decision maker.
By Dec 6     The appropriate decision maker completes reviews of packets and notifies librarian, manager, next level manager and PRC chair of her/his decision on appointment renewal or promotion-in-rank.
Jan 10
    EUL HR makes appropriate changes in librarian files (both paper and electronic) and handles any needed changes within PeopleSoft.  Promotion increases are effective on Jan. 1.  EUL HR will archive individual packet files and remove from shared folders.