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Peer Review Committee (PRC)

About the PRC

The Peer Review Committee is the body from which five-person panels are formed to review documentation and make recommendations regarding librarian appointment, renewal, promotion-in-rank, and Librarian with Distinction recognition. As part of the interview process for librarians, the Peer Review Committee also meets with each candidate to provide an overview of the Handbook and the processes for renewal and promotion.

The PRC is elected from a pool of eligible librarians and consists of 15 members including three officers (the Chair, Chair-Elect and Past Chair). Elections are held annually for the Chair-Elect and for four regular members, each to serve a 3-year term. All librarians are eligible to vote and elections are conducted by the Librarians Assembly.


To be eligible to serve, librarians must be:

  • Working full-time
  • At the rank of Associate Librarian or above
  • Have at least three years of full-time service as a librarian in the Emory Libraries

Persons holding the following positions are not eligible to serve on the Peer Review Committee or on a Peer Review Panel:

  • Vice provost of libraries and museum
  • Any position in EL HR
  • Any non-series librarian

See the Handbook for additional information.

PRC 2024 Membership


  • Chris Doty, Chair
  • Lawrence Hamblin, Chair-Elect
  • Shenita Peterson, Past Chair


  • Jody Bailey
  • Erica Bruchko
  • Kim Copenhaver
  • Gabrielle Dudley
  • Sharon Leslie
  • Nora McKenzie
  • Jessica Robinson
  • Elizabeth Roke
  • Becky Sherman
  • Peter Shirts
  • Sofia Slutskaya
  • Laura Starratt