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Campus and Community Relations (CCR)

Events Team

Emory Libraries events team provides consultation, logistical, and management support for all Emory Libraries. Our events team plays an integral role in the planning and executing of a robust annual calendar of events, exhibition openings, conferences, employee engagement, and donor events.

We also provide campus-wide support services in scheduling the Woodruff Library Jones Room. These services include calendar reservation management, room set-up guidance, site visits, pre-event logistics meetings, post-event follow-up, and digital signage.

For more information, please contact:

Ayana Bohannon, Events Coordinator,

We collaborate with various departments throughout Emory Libraries to support through the following:

  • Calendar Planning – Before planning an event we vet multiple internal calendars to locate the best date and time to host your event/ program, alleviating conflicts that will impact audience attendance and staff resources
  • Event Consultations – Before planning your event, we can assist by brainstorming events logistics and needs (budget, venue, A/V, and more) to guide you towards your goal of event success
  • Jones Room – We manage reservation inquiries, confirmations, and cancelations supporting walkthroughs and questions to ensure your big day runs smoothly.


We also assist with the following:


Audio Visual

  • Microphones
  • Screen
  • Projector
  • A/V technician liaising


Emory Staging

  • Staging  
  • Tables
  • Chairs


Facilities request for support (housekeeping, etc.)


Food and Beverage

  • Catering company selection
  • Alcoholic beverage orders


Parking and Transportation

  • Special guests parking accommodations
  • Special parking deck arrangements


Volunteer Support – assist in assigning your volunteers to the appropriate areas for your event

Contact the Events Team at least 3 months prior to your event so we can:

  • provide guidance or full support for the planning and execution of your event
  • vet the desired event date(s) to ensure it does not conflict with another programming 
  • discuss budget
  • establish event format
  • determine event location

The Woodruff Library accepts room requests from Emory academic departments, administrative units, and organizations. An Emory University sponsor and speedtype are required to reserve space for events. Students must have a faculty or staff member present. Use of the Jones Room includes the kitchen and the area immediately outside the doors for a registration/sign-in table (which should be placed back inside of the room at the conclusion of the event). The room and furniture must be returned in the order in which it was received, by removing all trash and any items that were placed in the Jones Room or kitchen during your reservation timeframe. Please visit the Jones Room LibCal to submit your request and a member of the CCR Events Team will review your submission within 48 hours to approve or deny your request. There is a $300 user fee for the use of the Jones Room for 4 hours, and $600 for full days and weekends, to cover building services staff expenses, and maintenance of the room. All cancellations must be submitted via LibCal through the utilization of your confirmation email 48 hours prior to your scheduled event in order to avoid incurring full charges for the space. Please contact, Ayana Bohannon for additional information on other space options for events. 


  • The events team can help direct students to various vendors and resources to help in the planning of their program.
  • A staff or faculty advisor is required to make any Jones Room reservations. Please see the Jones Room tab for more information.
  • For a table reservation at the outside entrance to the library or inside the library please contact Terence Jefferson - Sr. Operations Manager  at within 72 hours of your event:




2316 Defoor Hills Road   
Atlanta, GA  30318



494 Plasters Avenue 
Atlanta, GA  30324



569 Asbury Circle  
Atlanta, GA 30328


3267 Buford Highway
Atlanta, GA 30329


1281 Collier Road NW 
Atlanta, GA, 30318

Emory Staging

Parking & Transportation

Event Proposal Form for Emory Libraries

Please read before completing the Event proposal form:

Criteria for Event/Program Proposal Approval