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Campus and Community Relations (CCR)

Exhibitions Team

The Exhibitions Team produces a variety of exhibits that reflect the diversity of Emory Libraries' resources and demonstrate the cultural depth of Emory’s academic community. We also collaborate with Emory and community partners by lending our expertise and fabrication abilities for special events and projects for Emory Libraries.

Our team:

Kathy Dixson, Manager of Library Exhibitions,

Christian Hill, Graphic Designer,

John Klingler, Graphic Designer and Fabricator,


The Exhibitions Team is responsible for the development, design, fabrication, installation, project management and assessment of exhibitions for Emory Libraries. 

These exhibitions include:

  • Exhibitions in the Libraries

  • Traveling Exhibitions

  • Online Exhibitions

  • Stand-alone Graphics for Exhibitions and Special Events

Implementing this work involves:

  • Research, object selection, storyline development, interpretive planning
    and media selection, and text writing and editing

  • Graphic design as well as 2D and 3D spatial design

  • Printing and mounting of graphics

  • Exhibit furniture design, layout, and installation

  • Object handling and installation

  • Audio-visual creation and post-production work;
    equipment selection and installation

  • Lighting design

Last updated 01.20.22
This is a working document.  Before publishing these titles and dates, please confirm with Kathy Dixson, Library Exhibitions Manager, or 404-660-4950

Robert W. Woodruff Library

Level 10:
Rose Library - Spine Cases (2-3 exhibits per year)

· “Inner Beauty: Exploring Rare Books Beyond Their Covers” 
    October 14, 2022 – 
February 20, 2023

Level 3:
ECDS Designated Area - (1 major exhibit per year) 

· "Apollo 15: Digital Exploration on the 50th Anniversary of the Mission"                  
  July 26, 2021 - December 15, 2022

Rotunda -  (1 to 2 exhibits per year. This area can also be combined with the Schatten Gallery.)

· Apollo 15 Learning Hub                          
  July 26, 2021 - TBD

Corridor Gallery -  (can be combined with Rotunda or Schatten Gallery)

                           · Connections: The Power of Objects 
                            Current - January 08, 2023

Schatten Gallery -  (1 major exhibit per year)

· Graffiti: A Library Guide to Aerosol Art 
 March 8, 2022 - January 8, 2023

Level 2:
Front Alcoves and Table Top Cases - (typically librarians—1 exhibit per year)

· Graphic Narratives and Comic Collections at Emory: Past, Present, and Future                 
  February 7, 2022  - December  10, 2022

Outside Sprial Staircase - (typically librarians—1 exhibit per year)

· Speak Up for Social Justice             
 December 2022 - August 10, 2022

Level 1:

Black Student Activism     

                               Current - December 2023

 "What Must Be Honored:  The Exhibitions of Pellom McDaniels, III PhD"

                              Current - TBD

           Conservation Exhibits -  (2 large cases, number of exhibits and dates vary)

                            · "Creativity in Conservation"
                               Current - August 10, 2022

Student Exhibits -  (number of exhibits and dates vary)

 · "Consciousness is Power"
    Current - December 2023



Online Exhibits

· "Framing Shadows: Portraits of Nannies from
  the Robert Langmuir African American Photograph Collection" - View the Online Exhibit

· "Our Archives Could Be Your Life" - View the Online Exhibit

· "Reading Room with a View" - View the Online Exhibit

· "Black Student Activism"- coming soon

· "Life of An Item" - View the Online Exhibit

· "Connections" - View the Online Exhibit

· "Apollo 15" - View the Online Exhibit


Traveling Exhibits

· "Speak What Must Be Spoken” at Drew Charter School
   Jan. 2020 – May 2021

· "She Gathers Me: Networks Among Black Women Writers” (GPLS)
   Traveling across the state through the Georgia Public Library Service
   when libraries are again open

· "She Gathers Me: Networks Among Black Women Writers” (second copy)
   Available for traveling--
Contact Stuart A. Rose Manuscript,
   Archives, and Rare Book Library

Administrative Building (Typically about exhibits in Woodruff and Rose Libraries)

· "Graffiti: A Library Guide to Aerosol Art"
   Current TBD

Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library (Typically 1 per year)

· "History of Teaching Medicine at Emory”
   Current September 30, 2022

Oxford Library (Typically 1 per year)

· "The Work is Never Finished"
   October 22, 2021 - December 15, 2022

· "Graphic Narratives and Comic Collections at Oxford"
   February 18, 2022 - December 15, 2022





Materials provided here are meant to assist with the development of exhibitions.
New documents will be added over time.