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Campus and Community Relations (CCR)


Through its work in the areas of marketing and communications, events, and exhibitions, the Campus and Community Relations staff seek to support the goals of Emory University Libraries (EUL) and the university. With specific reference to the framework and roadmap developed for the library, our team of 10 measure our work in relation to:

  • Creating and enhancing both internal and external marketing and communication strategies in all forms and formats;
  • Strengthening the libraries’ role in contributing to the public cultural life of the campus and the community; and
  • Being part of making it possible for the libraries to provide spaces and programs to build community and for social and intellectual engagement.

Mission Statement

Campus and Community Relations reveals the intellectual, technological, and creative stories of EUL and its communities. We advance the reputation of Emory and build wonder through:

  • Exhibitions, events, partnerships, and programs that create a platform for scholarly exploration and engagement
  • Marketing and communications that promote the expertise, collections, innovations, and services of EUL

Leadership Team

Leslie Wingate - Director of Campus and Community Relations,

Maya Cody - Senior Manager of Library Events,

Holly Crenshaw - Director of Marketing and Communications,

Kathy Dixson - Manager of Library Exhibitions,