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Research, Engagement, and Scholarly Communications

Humanities Team

Team Members

Erica Bruchko. Subject areas: African American Studies, United State History.

Kim Collins. Affiliated member. Subject areas: Art History, Classical Studies.

Sarah Morris. Affiliated member. Subject areas: English, Interdisciplinary Studies.

Peter Shirts. Subject areas: Music, Dance.

James Steffen. Head, Humanities Team. Subject areas: Film and Media Studies, Theater.

Chella Vaidyanathan. Subject areas: European/World History, Philosophy, Psychoanalytic Studies Program.


Humanities subject librarians provide the full range of subject-specific library services to academic departments and researchers in humanities disciplines, including:

  • collection management
  • consultations
  • instruction 
  • assessment
  • reference

Subject librarians maintain and expand research-level collections, act as an expert guides, provide research help at the time of need, and contribute to the programmatic and collaborative work of the Research, Engagement, and Scholarly Communications division and the library in general.

Humanities-specific areas of focus include:

Organizational Chart

Team Head: James Steffen

Team Members: Erica Bruchko, Peter Shirts, Chella Vaidyanathan

Affiliated Team Members: Kim Collins, Sarah Morris