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Research, Engagement, and Scholarly Communications

Contacts and Resources

Sarah Morris – Head of Instruction and Engagement

Emory Libraries Instruction and Engagement Committees and Task Forces

  • Instruction Steering Committee
  • Workshop Task Force
  • Undergraduate Services Committee

For further information about current and past instruction and engagement programming in the RESC Division and across the Emory Libraries, visit the following sites:


The Instruction and Engagement team in the RESC Division coordinates and oversees a range of instruction and engagement programming for undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and other campus partners in the Emory College. The team conducts work in the following areas:

  • Information literacy instruction for classes
  • Workshops on research skills and information, digital, media and data literacy skills
  • Instruction assessment
  • Outreach and engagement activities for students
  • Research assignment resources and support for faculty
  • Resources, training, and community support for librarians and staff engaged in instruction
  • Collaborative programming with partners at the Emory College

The Instruction and Engagement team also works closely with colleagues from across the Emory Libraries to grow a libraries-wide instruction program and with campus partners to support initiatives around student flourishing and success, interdisciplinary research, anti-racist and inclusive pedagogy, and digital and data literacy.

Current Initiatives

Current areas of focus for instruction and engagement programming include the following:

  • Testing assessment methods for both instruction and engagement programming and sharing results across libraries
  • Fostering community among librarians and staff engaged in instruction and outreach work
  • Developing ways to better promote instruction and outreach services to different campus audiences
  • Aligning instruction and engagement programming with new student flourishing initiatives across campus

Projects, Committees, and Task Forces

Instruction Steering Committee

The Instruction Steering Committee for the Emory Libraries provides direction for a robust and user-centered instruction program and supports continuous improvement in library instruction and pedagogy by facilitating collaboration across the libraries.


  • Sarah Morris (chair) - RESC Division
  • Matthew Aron - Academic Technology Services
  • Brady Beard - Theology
  • Jen Doty - RESC Division Scholarly Communications Team
  • Gabrielle Dudley - Rose Library and Archives
  • Chris Glon - Law
  • Susan Klopper - Business
  • Anne Le-Huu Pineault - Oxford
  • Mia White - Health Sciences

Undergraduate Services Committee

This committee brings together representatives from across the libraries that serve undergraduates. The representatives will work together to determine ways to best support undergraduates as they navigate different degree paths, and different libraries, here at Emory.


  • Nora Wood (co-chair) - Business
  • Sarah Morris (co-chair) - RESC
  • Dhy Edwardsberry - Business
  • Paige Crowl - Oxford
  • Anne Le-Huu Pineault - Oxford
  • Cecilia Bolich - ATS
  • Colin Bragg - CCR
  • Dina Thornton - ATS
  • Nick Wantsala - Access Services

Workshop Task Force

The Emory Libraries Workshop Task Force will develop structures and resources to better promote, support, and enhance our workshop offerings across the Emory Libraries. This task force will bring together representatives from different departments to share expertise, collaborate, and tackle common and shared challenges with workshop programming across the Emory libraries.


  • Sarah Morris (chair) - RESC
  • Jen Doty - RESC
  • Mia White - Health
  • Megan Slemons - ECDS
  • Robin Horton - Student Digital Life in ATS
  • Colin Bragg - CCR
  • Melissa Hackman - RESC
  • Brady Beard - Theology