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Listing of library listservs

Guidelines for Emory Libraries Listservs

The listservs below are not moderated and should only be used for business purposes. You will receive a message that requires you to confirm your send by responding “OK.” Your message will not be sent until this confirmation step happens.

Please note that when you reply all to a listserv, hundreds of people in the list see your response and those responses fill up inboxes. In some cases, it may be more appropriate to write a note of congratulations, for example, directly to the person or team being recognized.

Please read the listserv descriptions carefully so you send to the appropriate one.

  • LIBWLBLDG@LISTSERV.CC.EMORY.EDU (formerly called LIBWLB-L) should be used for Woodruff Library building information only and includes current staff located in the Woodruff Library (including OIT/ECDS & CFDE staff). Examples of content include renovations, outages, schedule changes, security concerns, etc., of interest to only those located in the Woodruff Library.  

  • LIBSTAFF@LISTSERV.CC.EMORY.EDU (formerly called EULSTAFF-L) is a list used for communication with current employees who are a part of Emory Libraries and have a reporting relationship with the associate vice provost and university librarian, as well as those library units that report into the vice provost for libraries and museum. Emory Libraries includes Business, Cox Hall, Health, Oxford, Rose, and Woodruff.  Content distributed on this list should be limited to information relevant only to these library employees.  

  • LIBMUSEALL@LISTSERV.CC.EMORY.EDU (formerly EULMUSESTAFF-L) is a list used for library and museum-wide communication. Staff from all libraries across Emory campuses (not just those reporting into the vice provost of libraries and museum), and the museum are included in this list, including retirees. Members of CFDE and ECDS are also included. Content should be limited to information related to staff transitions, systems, training, services, programs, exhibitions, operational information, etc. of interest to all library and museum staff. 

Other options:
For general information and other types of sharing, Slack is available for your use. Slack is a tool that allows remote teams to communicate more effectively. You can sign up for the libraries’ Slack workspace using your Emory email address.  Information on using Slack can be found on the Remote Working Guidelines page on Libnet.