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Libraries Digital Signage (LDS) Committee

Signage Submissions and Parameters

Signage Submissions 

If you have a sign for us to run, contact the chair of the Libraries Digital Signage committee, Ryan Nock ( 

Signs primarily are meant to promote ongoing exhibits or events occurring within 2 weeks. The Libraries Digital Signage committee does not make signs. You are responsible for ensuring the signs you submit meet the necessary parameters. 


Signs run in rotation, and are in high-traffic locations, and usually are on the screen for 7 - 10 seconds at a time. Text needs to be concise. QR Codes are acceptable. 

PNG format is preferred. Submit signs in 1920 x 1080 orientation, or 1080 x 1920 orientation, or both. If your signs are other sizes, we cannot run them. 

Use few words, and action phrases. Strong visuals help catch the eye. Make sure the signs would be of interest to library patrons. 

Members of the committee have discretion on what images to run on their signs.