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Linked Data Community of Practice

Linked Data Community of Practice

The purpose of the Linked Data Community of Practice is to facilitate the exchange of information and foster a collaborative learning environment regarding Linked Data technologies, their applications, and relevant resources by promoting active sharing of information and learning.

The group was chartered in 2024 as an Emory Libraries Community of Practice, but is open to staff in any Emory library, the Carlos Museum, Emory Center for Digital Scholarship, or any other affiliated organization who have interest in the topic or feel they can contribute.  Linked data, particularly linked open data, is a large topic; this approach to data structure, storage and querying has multiple uses and potential impacts on evolving infrastructure and service changes for libraries and other cultural heritage organizations.    

The group meets every 2 months and communicates via email and the Libraries Slack channel. 
The first meeting was held April 23, 2024.
The second meeting will be held June 25, 2024


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Laura Akerman