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Library Policy Committee

Mission Statement

The Library Policy Committee works with the University Librarian to enhance the quality, utility, and accessibility of the Libraries for the entire Emory community. It advises the Senate and the University Librarian on significant policy issues, acts as a major channel of communication between users and the General Libraries, and may assist in communicating library concerns to the university administration. Issues of interest include:

  • Budget allocations from the university
  • Functioning of the University infrastructure for providing access to electronic information; remote access issues
  • Electronic publishing initiatives as they affect library acquisitions and collection development
  • Space distribution and utilization in the libraries
  • Policy issues such as the effect of intellectual property rights considerations on the operation of the Library Policies governing access to electronic information
  • Use of professional school library resources by the Emory community
  • Operating policies such as hours, security plans, and access and borrowing privileges

Team Members

Name Status (Student, Staff, Faculty) Affiliation (School or Office)
Allison Adams Staff Provost
Allison Butler Staff Provost
Amanda Denzer-King Staff SON
Benn Konsynski Faculty GBS
Bingfei Zhou Student Emory U Oxford College
David Borthwick Faculty ECAS
Jason Walsh Grad Student Laney Graduate School
John Nickerson Faculty SOM
Kaundinya Gopinath Faculty SOM
Kim Braxton Staff Emory Libraries
Kitty McNeill Faculty Oxford College
Kyle Tanaka Grad Student Laney Graduate School
Lauren Jeffers Grad Student Laney Graduate School/SOM
Lisa Macklin Faculty Emory Libraries
Mark Engsberg Faculty School of Law
Mikhail Epstein Faculty Emory University
Richard Bo Adams Faculty Pitts Theology
Sandra Franklin Faculty Exec. V.P. for Health Affairs
Stacey Jones Staff Communications
Susan Klopper Faculty Emory Libraries
Todd Lamkin Staff Carlos Museum
Xiaonan Wang Faculty SOM
Yichang Yang Student Emory College