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Digital Collection Steering Committee


The Digital Collections Steering Committee is charged with the development of a robust and sustainable strategy for building and stewarding a robust digital collection for Emory University Libraries in accordance with developed acquisition, preservation, dissemination, and access/use policies.

The committee establishes relevant policies to provide access to and preservation of digital content deposited in the Libraries’ digital repository.  The committee’s activities are designed to (a) ensure that digitization efforts and digital collection development decisions align with institutional aims and collection strengths, (b) determine if digital content falls within the scope and technical capacity of institutional resources or if new expertise, equipment, or external assistance is required, and (c) ensure that proper attention is given to descriptive metadata, dissemination, and preservation of digital content.

Where new resources are required for activities that are unfunded, the DCSC will make recommendations to Cabinet or another appropriate administrative unit for additional resources.  The assets of Emory University Libraries include collections across all libraries that will be deposited in Emory’s preservation repository and will become a part of Emory’s digital collection, regardless of source.

The DCSC will periodically review proposals by its subcommittees or ad hoc task-based working groups. These include digital preservation commitments for digital content, selection and prioritization for assets to be digitized, and proposals for distribution of digital content. The group reports to Cabinet, and works closely with other Cabinet-level groups such as the Metadata Working Group and Digital Library Program Steering Committee. 


The group’s membership is comprised of staff with expertise and leadership in areas of collection management, digitization, digital content management, scholarly communication, and archives and special collections.

  • Chris Palazzolo, Head of Collection Management, Woodruff Library (Chair)
  • Rosalyn Metz, Director, Library Technology and Digital Strategies
  • Emily Porter, Coordinator, Digital Library Program
  • Jennifer King, Director, Rose Manuscript Archives and Rare Book Library
  • Lisa Macklin, Director, Research, Engagememnt, and Scholarly Communication
  • Lars Meyer, Director, Access and Resource Services
  • Bonnie Bryan, Library Representative, Woodruff Health Sciences Library
  • Brandon Wason, Library Representative, Pitts Theology Library
  • Jesse Karlsberg, Library Representative, Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS)


Membership for the DCSC is approved by the Emory Libraries Cabinet and additional LITS Directors as applicable.