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DiscoverE Advisory Group

DiscoverE Advisory Group

About Our Group

 The DiscoverE Advisory Group serves in an advisory capacity to the Library Technologies and Digital Strategies (LTDS) division for our primary discovery system, Ex Libris’ Primo, (named DiscoverE).

DiscoverE Advisory Group Members


  • Laura Akerman, Co-Chair, Product Manager, DiscoverE, Library Technology and Digital Strategies 
  • TBD (Co-Chair)
  • Paige Crowl, Teaching and Learning Librarian, Oxford Campus Library
  • Spencer Roberts, Systems and Digital Scholarship Librarian, Pitts Theology Library
  • Abigail Deese, Reference Librarian, Hugh F. McMillan Law Library
  • Sharon Leslie, Nursing Informationist, Health Sciences Center Library
  • Nora Wood, Business Librarian, Goizueta Business Library
  • Alex Cooper, Team Lead, Core Systems, Library Technology and Digital Strategies
  • Erin Mooney, Instruction Librarian, Research, Engagement and Scholarly Communication, Instruction and Outreach Team, University Libraries
  • Michael Luther, Head, Assessment and User Experience, Research, Engagement and Scholarly Communication, Assessment and User Experience Team, University Libraries
  • Peter Shirts, Music Librarian, Research, Engagement and Scholarly Communication, Humanities Team, University Libraries
  • Tarina Rosen, Jewish Studies, REEES, and Linguistics Librarian, Research, Engagement and Scholarly Communication, Area Studies Team
  • Chris Doty, Science Librarian, Research, Engagement and Scholarly Communncation, Social Sciences and Sciences Team, University Libraries
  • Elizabeth Roke, Digital Archivist, Rose Library
  • Jessie Copeland, Chair, Cataloging and Authority Committee and 
    Sofie Slutskaya, future Chair, Cataloging and Authority Committee and Head of Resource Description, Content, University Libraries
  • Hannah Rogers, Access Services Librarian, Woodruff Health Sciences Library and Chair, Access Service Policy Committee
  • David Smith, Access Services Librarian, Access Services, University Libraries
  • Katherine Hart, Head, Electronic and Continuing Resources, Content, Resource Management


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