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Metadata Policy Committee


The Metadata Policy Committee will meet regularly to discuss and formulate recommendations to Library Cabinet regarding metadata standards and practices utilized throughout the Libraries at Emory.  Through strategic approaches that emphasize the interconnectedness of library search and discovery systems, the committee will oversee metadata creation and management and its use in search and discovery systems.  To this end, the committee will be responsible for creating and maintaining an overall unified metadata strategy for all the Emory Libraries including establishing and maintaining consistent metadata standards, advising Emory Library projects utilizing metadata schemas, strategizing with Library Technology and Digital Strategies on search and discovery systems, and monitoring emerging trends and changes to metadata standards.  This committee will oversee three sub-committees: Catalog and Authority Sub-Committee, the Preservation Repository Metadata Sub-Committee, and the Archival Description Sub-Committee. 



Library / Department


Named Representative

Access & Resource Services

Metadata Policy Committee Chair

Jessie Copeland


Rose Library


Carrie Hintz


Cataloging and Authority Sub-Committee

Sofia Slutskaya


Archival Description Sub-Committee Chair

Sarah Quigley


Preservation Repository Metadata Sub-Committee Chair

Simon O’Riordan

Scholarly Communication Office


Jodi Bailey

Library Technology and Digital Strategies


Doug Goans

Health Sciences


Bonnie Bryan

Emory Center for Digital Scholarship


Jesse Karlsberg

Law Library


Jason LeMay

Pitts Theology Library


Armin Siedlecki

Oxford Library


Ellen Neufeld