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Librarians Assembly

About Us

The Librarians Assembly is an advisory group that works in collaboration with the library administration on matters relating to individuals appointed to librarian faculty-equivalent positions in the Emory Libraries. The designation “librarian” applies to individuals with a variety of job titles, including but not limited to Archivist, Curator, Head of, Informationist, Librarian, or Manager.


The members of the Librarians Assembly are librarians employed by the Emory Libraries including: the Robert W. Woodruff Library; the Rose Manuscript, Archives and Rare Book Library; the Goizueta Business Library; the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library; the Oxford College Library; the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship; and University Technology Services.

Mentor Program

Established to support Emory Librarians' professional development

As part of the Librarians Assembly Mentor Program, a list of librarians is maintained on LibNet, to be updated twice a year.

  • Librarians Mentor Pool
  • Orientation mentors: all librarians are eligible to serve.
  • Professional mentors: all assistant librarians in their second term, associate librarians and full librarians (or equivalent).

LAC 2022

  • Convener: Nora McKenzie
  • Acting Convener-Elect: Kim Powell
  • Acting Past-Convener: Chris Pollette
  • One-year Reps: Kat Hart, A.D. Stevens
  • Two Year Rep (year 1 of 2): Kathryn Michaelis
  • Two Year Rep (year 2 of 2): Kim Powell
  • Senate Rep: Lori Jahnke (Sep 2021 to Aug 2023)
  • Committee on Relationships:
    • Malisa Anderson-Strait
    • Kim Powell
    • Mia White
    • Vanessa Garofalo
    • Jennifer Elder

Peer Review Committee

  • Ellen Neufeld (Chair)
  • Shenita Peterson (Chair-Elect)
  • Jen Doty (Past-Chair)
  • Elizabeth Roke (Full Librarian Member)
  • Malisa Anderson-Strait
  • Chris Doty
  • Emily Porter
  • Megan Slemons
  • Chella Vaidyanathan
  • Gabrielle Dudley
  • Sharon Leslie
  • Erica Bruchko
  • Sarah Morris
  • Saira Raza
  • Chris Pollette