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Instructional Design/Technology Community of Practice

Organized by Teaching & Learning Technologies, this is a group of instructional designers, technologists, and faculty support staff from University and Healthcare who discuss and share experiences and best practices with regards to instructional technology use in higher education.  ID/T CoP members meet monthly during Fall and Spring academic semesters to act as a necessary clearinghouse for information dissemination and sharing of good work across campus. ID/T CoP was created in 2013 and has grown from 20 to 50+ members.

Team Members

Dana Smith Bryant, Lead Instructional Technologist, Teaching & Learning Technologies, Academic Technology Services (TLT/ATS) (Convener)

Kim Braxton, Director, ATS

Lee Clontz, Assistant Director, Academic Technologies, TLT/ATS

Sam Timme, Educational Analyst, TLT/ATS

Athan Gillette, Educational Analyst, TLT/ATS

Kathy Hayes, Educational Analyst, TLT/ATS

John Willingham, Educational Analyst, TLT/ATS

Susan Detrie, Educational Analyst, TLT/ATS

Jennifer Sutcliffe, Educational Analyst, TLT/ATS

Tricia Goddard, Educational Analyst, TLT/ATS

Cecilia Bolich, Instructional Designer, TLT/ATS

Anthony Hess, Administrator, TLT/ATS

Tara McCurley, Assistant Director, Academic Technologies, Student Digital Life/ATS

Stephen Kutzer, Director of IT Operations, Emory College

Adam Dobucki, Senior Manager, IT, Emory College

Roxanne Russell, Director of Online Learning, Candler School of Theology

Sarah Bogue, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Pitts Theology Library

Jerrold Brantley, Sr. Library Specialist, Woodruff Library

Jaclyn Connor, Director of Academic Affairs/Instructional Design, Goizueta Business School

Geri Rivers, Instructional Content Developer, GBS

Michael Prietula, Professor, GBS

Stephanie Parisi, Associate Director, Online Education, Center for Faculty Development & Excellence

Richard Pittman, Associate Professor, School of Medicine

Stephan Tigges, Associate Professor, School of Medicine

Thomas Phillips, Lead Multimedia Developer, School of Medicine

Ben Chapman, Associate Dean Information Technology, School of Law

Corky Gallo, Sr Manager, IT, School of Law

Johnny Woods, Instructional Designer, School of Nursing

Laika Steiger, Director of the Emory Nursing Professional Development Center, School of Nursing

Steve Ellwood, Associate Director, Instructional Technology, School of Nursing

Sara Wade, Associate Program Director, Emory College

Barbara Brandt, Manager, Classroom Tech

Jason Brewer, Academic Specialist, Classroom Tech

Shari Obrentz, Associate Dean, Office of Undergraduate Education

Tina McDowell, Senior Program Director, Office of Undergraduate Education

Leah Chuchran, Educational Analyst, Office of Summer & International Programs, Emory Online

Tracey Fountain, Training and Compliance Coordinator, Yerkes National Primate Research Center

Mahbuba Ferdousi, Associate Dean, Information Technology, Oxford College

Scott Foster, Director of Academic Technology, Oxford College

Lisa Ward, Educational Analyst, Oxford College

Julia Phillips, Lead Instructional Content Developer, Rollins School of Public Health

Manish Tripathi, Senior Instructional Content Developer, Rollins School of Public Health

Angie White, Senior Instructional Content Developer, Rollins School of Public Health

Wayne Morse, Director, Center for Digital Scholarship